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15-minute workout-for a fit-slim you


A recent article in NYT talks about a study to see the effectiveness of just 4-minute exercise. Yes, just four minutes per day-you cannot complain that you don’t have the time! While 4-minute exercise cannot help you lose weight but it can help you get fit.


If you do take the path to doing 4-minute exercise remember to exercise at a very high intensity rate.


249597364-minute exercise looks too good to be true. But what looks believable and works too is a 15-minute exercise plan. It’s often known as 5-4-3-2-1 exercise plan. The 15-minute exercise plan incorporates both cardio and strength in a single workout. It is a well-known fact that a combined cardio-strength workout is the way to go when you have less time and some weight to shed off. These kinds of workout dos not require any equipment or membership to any gym. You work with your body weight and inside the four walls of your home.


Studies have proved that it is easier to stick to a 15-minute workout plan rather than committing to exercise for an hour a day. It is recommended that you workout at least four times a week to see any benefit.


Also, since it is a cardio +strength workout you get the benefit of cardio to lose weight and strength to help you build muscle. After 35 years it does get very difficult to lose weight because we start losing our muscles. So in order to keep the metabolism and muscles in growth phase strength training is must.  Of course you might have always come across people who have lost 20-30 pounds in 6 month by not eating. While that may have worked out momentarily, sooner or later losing weight by not eating at all will always leave to health problems. Lose weight at a steady rate to keep it forever.


Exercise makes you fit but to lose weight diet plays the most important role. 80% of the weight loss happens because of diet. The right diet in quality and quantity can be the key.


Remember 15 minute of exercise and a good eating plan is all it takes to a slim –fit you!

A sample 15 minute workout video[youtube][/youtube]

Written by Suchitra Sharma

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