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Exercise for life

Every minute of exercise increases your life by at least seven more minutes

How much or actually how little exercise is needed to be on a steady climb towards a fit you? A recent article in NYT talks about just 75 minutes per week –bringing it to just 10 minutes per day of exercise.


15-minute of strenuous workout does give results –at least it’s better than doing no exercise at all. But if we keep bringing the time down –soon we will get to a point where we shall start debating about exercise versus non-exercise!


If things appear too good to be true then very often, it is.  All of us know that quick-rich schemes don’t work but we still fall for such schemes. Similarly, exercising just ten minutes in a day could never make you fit.


Exercise should become like a habit.  It should be part of your daily routine –like brushing teeth, drinking coffee etc. Yes, it needs work- since we are not trained, as children to put the habit of exercising in our daily routine-we need to program ourselves. Choose a time-say 7 PM chalked out for exercise. When the clock hits 7PM-no matter what you are doing –stop everything and exercise. It does not mean that you have to join an expensive gym or get a personal trainer. Go outside for a run or switch on an exercise video and workout. You should follow this routine for at least three weeks. DO NOT CANCEL ON YOUR 7 PM exercise appointment. Treat it as a “me alone” time –time that is used for your own improvement. After three weeks –it will form into a habit and you would not need a push or shove to exercise. Your brain and body will work together –you would have formed a habit. It does take three weeks to form a habit –so be patient for at least three weeks.


We often tell our thin friends that they do not need exercise. It is totally wrong. Everybody needs exercise-thin, fat, young, old, men women and children. Exercise is not just for losing weight –this is a misconception. You lose weight by changing /reducing your food habits. Weight loss occurs only when you cut down your food. Exercise play only 10% role in weight loss. Exercise keeps you fit, keeps your cholesterols in check, and keeps you happy by affecting the serotonin levels.


Make a change today –say yes to exercise for life!


 Written by Suchitra Sharma



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