Hrithik-with-mom130513183553Pinky Roshan, Hrithik Roshan’s mother at 60 is fit as a fiddle. She works out regularly at the gym. It seems the favorite meeting place for the Roshan family is gym. Hrithik got his mum on a fitness routine –she lost 25 kilos and look at her today –do you think she looks like a 60-year old?


Hrithik-with-mom130513183553All of us assume celebrities are blessed with good bodies .So, if Sharon Stone or Demi Moore are fit even though they are over 50 –it’s not a surprise. The truth though is that they work hard at keeping fit, following a good diet and a great exercise regimen.

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Look at this 72-year-old woman who is super fit.  Her push-ups will probably put 20-year-olds to shame.



Age is just a number –we cannot fight age, everyone is bound to get old. It is up to you to decide how you age though. Exercise can be picked at any step of the life –say yes to exercise. Take baby steps-if you have never exercised before –start today by just adding a walk to your schedule, gradually start challenging yourself.  The general idea should be to raise your heartbeat; only when the heartbeat gets elevated the benefits of exercise can be felt. So many women still think weight training will bulk them up – this is a myth. Weight training is very essential in building and maintaining muscles.


Whether you are 20 or 40 or 55 –start working out today. Start small and gradually build yourself.  After a year of discipline in exercise and food –you will like what the mirror has to show you.