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World unfair to fat women ?

sweat_is_fat_crying_womens_long_sleeve_shirt_34Heidi Moore wrote on guardian about how Oprah was judged not just because of her color but also because of her size. She goes into detail stating that most shop assistants look down on women over size 10. While she may have connected two totally different things- size and color –she may not be totally out of line.


Whether shop assistants judge or not but to find a stylish shirt or a skirt is a mammoth task if a woman is over size 10. Designer stores obviously are a no go –but, even, many ordinary stores don’t carry fashionable clothes for plus size women. Walk into a Banana Republic store if you are over size 6 –and try finding a piece of clothing that will look good on you –it is next to impossible.


The famous athletic store Lululemon recently accepted on its Facebook page that it does not carry clothes for women over size 12. Many women revolted when they read this. Some even said that even if they could fit into Lululemon’s track pants (which by the way are at $98 and are good) they will still shop somewhere else –because they stand against discrimination.


It’s just not clothes. Overweight women earn lesser than their thin peers. They earn an average of $6700/year less. The bosses and peers often scorn overweight women -. They could be as capable as their skinny equals -but will be respected less.


While it is in the woman’s interest to be thin and fit but a fat woman should not be ridiculed.  She should be able to enjoy the same benefits and pleasures of life. She should be able to walk in a store with confidence to buy anything that she wanted. The workplace in which she is should have an atmosphere where being fit should be a goal for everyone, but the general air should not be hostile towards fat women.  So many times, people think that a thin person does not need any exercise – absolutely false. Thin or Fat, Young or old everyone needs exercise.


 Written by Suchitra Sharma


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