Sweta Lal is a Melbourne Based Writer/ Editor. An Engineer turned writer passionately following this profession as a Freelancer. Her works include Blogs, Poetry, Non-fiction and Children’s stories. Much of her work can be seen listed on her Facebook Page “Words ForThe Days”.
Sweta Lal is a Melbourne Based Writer/ Editor. An Engineer turned writer passionately following this profession as a Freelancer. Her works include Blogs, Poetry, Non-fiction and Children’s stories. Much of her work can be seen listed on her Facebook Page “Words ForThe Days”.


Travelling can be fun and it can be testing too. The best things in this world are free and they are most certainly in abundance in nature’s bounty that a traveler can experience to his heart’s content. The most intriguing fear of a traveler is being stranded in the middle of his journey due to some very important articles that he missed out while packing. This is a common fear and generally happens with most of us. Every traveler has his jitters when he is about to start for his journey or if he is a first time traveler he is on his nerves with apprehensions and excitement. At times people tend to fill in a lot more than required and end up having a tough, staggering and extra heavy luggage that makes their journey very tough and tiring as well as messy. For such reasons people need to be more organized and proactive before packing their bags to bug out bag clothing.

Some of the features to consider before and during traveling for a traveler and for bug out bag clothing are as described as follows:Travel2

 Weather and Location

The world today is a small place where people are globetrotting all the time. There is so much to consider before leaving home. Firstly the occasion of the travelers should consider the weather and environment conditions always before deciding to pack their bags and while choosing the month or time of the year. Usually the traveling takes a lot more things to be sorted out like dates, ticket bookings, hotel bookings etc. but packing you baggage and to bug out bag clothing. Few basics articles to pack would be:

 Umbrella or rain coat, while travelling an umbrella can protect you from the heat as well as rain making the journey comfortable for you. A raincoat can also be used a tarp to cover something like a backpack or food-items when need arises.

• If the weather is cold or wet you should carry some warm clothes, a jacket or cardigan, warm beanie, socks to keep your feet warm and shoes to protect you from the cold as well as wetness. These clothing items will be a good protection from the harsh weather and will give you the comfort while on a travel expedition.

 Pack your work gloves for sure as they will be very handy while handling dish washing or clothes washing while you are living in a backpacker’s area, camper van or in a hotel. Working gloves can also be useful if you plan to go fishing on a wet day or want to clean out your travel vehicle or repair something that has gone loose in the way. Working gloves can protect you from all the dirt, grease and wetness.

• Sometimes the area where you are planning to travel maybe experiencing unpredictable erratic weather like places near the sea-shore or in the hilly regions. In such places you usually need to carry some basic warm clothes like jackets as well as protective rainy season clothing like rain-coats. This is the time when you would need to have to bug out bag clothing essentially as you may tend to pack in more.

Some Essentials

• You should always remember to carry the basic clothing like vests and undergarments so that you can have them freshly worn and can maintain the hygiene and cleanliness even while travelling.

• Keep your tooth cleaning kit with some important face and body washing products if you are going to live in a far-flung area as you may not be able to find your preferred brand where you are going to live. It may also happen that face and hair products available at that place may not suit you skin and you can develop rashes and allergy. So pack at least one of each product that are essential and if possible buy their travel packs which are small and easy to carry in a travel bag. Also pack each item like toothpaste and shampoo separately because in case of spillage they will not ruin each other’s packing. Carry a small hand towel as it will be useful while wiping yourself as well as any spillage while you are on the roads. While going for long travelling destinations carry cleaning wipes as they are very handy and will save your time when cleaning out something.

• Do not carry too many shoes, head-wear or cardigans to match your clothing colors or style. Pack one which is the most comfortable and of good quality because that itself will be enough for the travelling. Sometimes people tend to pack in more clothing and accessories in anticipation of the photographs that they might be clicking at different places but most of the times most things do not come out of the backpack as people are tend to wear the most comfortable items instead of going for the style while on a travel. While traveling it is more important to enjoy the different places that you are visiting instead of being burdened by the cumbersome clothing and extra baggage. The most comfortable and right style of traveling is the one in which, you carry light baggage.

 Pack according to the number of days you are going to travel. If it is a 72 hour or one week journey just pack one piece of jacket, shoes, and warm woolens and bug out bag clothing. If it is going to be a four-week or more than one month journey then carry at least two jackets, more than one woolen pieces and warm inner wear if it is going to be a cold destination. Try washing the cottons that you are carrying on a long holiday so that you do not have to carry a lot of cottons or woolens. This is called smart packing. Travel 3

 Prepare a check list before leaving home so that you do not forget some of the most important items while travelling and tick them off only once you have put them in the backpack like Passport, Driving license, Travel tickets, Accommodation booking papers, credit/debit cards or cash, medicines if you’re on some urgent medication process, Shoes, Toiletries, Sleeping Pajamas etc. Making a list of things that you need to carry and the list of sites that you wish to cover while traveling will not only make you organized and more efficient while traveling but will also bug out bag clothing.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will not only make your journey light and smart but will keep you happy throughout the travel for being so organized and efficient without forgetting the essentials in your backpack.