An article in NYT talks about the impact of having breakfast on weight loss. Numerous studies are out there which prove that having breakfast in the morning helps with weight loss. But, this particular article says that linking breakfast to weight loss is a result of misconstrued studies.


We have been led to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The people who have breakfast are more likely to stay away from junk and overeating later during the day.


Frankly speaking, weight loss has become a mystery science of its own. Every day there will be a new article, a new study, or perhaps a new super-food that will be an overnight success in the weight loss world. There is so much focus on weight loss that people forget that healthy life style is what people should be focused on.


If one were to just follow the principles of healthy living – you would know that eating all the meals are important, exercise is super important for the body, and yes on your birthday you can eat your chocolate cake (yes, you can eat that carrot cake on your husband’s birthday too!).


One of the comments on the NYT article was that people should eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. So simple and true, yet most people don’t follow this simple rule. If you spaced out your meals, you would be hungry for all the three meals. But, if you are constantly chewing on chips and cookies there is little chance that you will be hungry during the meal times.


Dinner should always be at least two-three hours before bedtime. It helps with metabolism and digestion. And, if you have had seven-eight hours of sleep, you will wake up hungry for breakfast. Do the things that make sense –avoid sugar and white carbohydrates, drink water, don’t skip any meals and say yes to exercise. While, it is necessary to do hard workouts, but, if you cannot find time or the inclination then just walk. Some form of exercise is necessary for general well being.


Forget the fad diets, and super foods for weight loss-keep it simple. Eat healthy, maintain portion control and exercise- you will be getting healthier, and perhaps in the process you might lose the weight too.

 Written by Suchitra Sharma