One of the states to have a lowest girl/boy ratio is Haryana. There are some villages in the state where males remain unmarried or one woman is married to several males, yet the attitude of the state still wants the male child.


Divya Pharmacy, a chain owned by Baba Ramdev sells ‘Putrajeevak Beej’ a medicine, which helps women in bearing male child. Baba Ramdev’s followers have openly advocated how this medicine will help women in giving birth to the male child.


Since the medicine and what it stands for has come under the radar of media, Baba Ramdev now says that this  is only an infertility drug. Madhya Pradesh has banned the sale of this drug and has said that once Patanjali Yogapeeth changes the drug’s name it can allow the sale.


Baba Ramdev is standing his ground and not planning to change the name. He has agreed to add a disclaimer though.


The yoga guru, who has courted several controversies in the past, also took a jibe at Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan saying she was demanding a ban on his pharmacy products, as she was “not getting any opportunity to act in movies these days”.

“The name has simply been derived from its scientific name ‘Putranjiva roxburghii Wall’ and has got nothing to do with the promise of a son. Lying in the Parliament is a national crime,” he said.