abcletterA preschooler is denied of her snack at school. Her folly? She brought Oreos to school as snack. The mother is angry; she feels it is her decision to choose food for her own kid. She is also upset that her child went hungry during the school hours.

She felt offended by the letter school sent to home. It pointed out that she chose convenience over health.


Obesity is an epidemic, and change in food habits is the only way to tackle it. But, does this mean that every snack should be on the radar? Or is it that this the only way to improve our bad habits?


The mother who was shamed talked about her child not being overweight, but looking at her, she looks like she does need to lose some weight. Now her weight could be because of a health condition- in that case the above statement is pointless. But otherwise, her food habits are questionable.


Sometimes, parents don’t have time to pack a healthy lunch- what should be done at those times?

A guide to preparing lunch
A guide to preparing lunch


letter3Some actual letters that was sent by various schools from USA chiding parents for packing unhealthy lunches and snacks.