fbThere are Good books and then ………. there are Great books.

A Good book leaves you feeling satisfied once you are done with it but a great book is the one you will still be thinking of a week later , a book you will reread . ‘ The Krishna Key ‘ is one such great book and in Ashwin Sanghi we find a master story teller who has written many such great books.


While going through the book what held me captive was the parallel story line of Ravi Mohan Saini and Lord Krishna himself. Eons apart yet like railway tracks their lives touch and go at points which leave you gasping. Mr Sanghi could not have chosen a more interesting personality as the pivot than the supreme godhead lord krishna . All powerful , All knowing , All merciful . Krishna tales all by themselves bring delight to millions of readers . The way past overshadows the present and the marriage of theology with modern science is so captivating that one can not help but salute the detailed research work done by the author. One minute you are in the ancient city of Dwarka reliving the times of Mahabharata and next min in the modern city of Gujraat,  yet one remains connected to the main plot , for once the ties between the two are explained by the author,  its all the more enthralling .


The book traces the journey of Ravi Mohan Saini a fugitive of law, accused of gruesome murders,  on the run with one of his students Priya.  Radhika Singh the inspector in charge of the case and is busy laying traps for Saini while trying to trace and retrieve priceless missing antique seals discovered in the deep sea diving expeditions off the coast of Gujarat, where the ancient city of Dwaraka lay . A brilliant and well thought out conspiracy which results In the murder of random individuals , all interlinked which is revealed later as the plot unfolds. It’s a story which manages to evoke strong emotions of fear , sadness , shock , surprise and awe , sometimes all of them together at the same time . Repeatedly during the corse of reading the book we get more than a glimpse of our rich cultural , religious and scientific heritage . Sanghi successfully manages to  place a spot light on our lineage which leaves us beaming with pride on being an Indian .


Characters of Mataji and Taarak Vakil who visions himself as the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu – kalki avatar , manage to create an aura of mystery. While the suspense chord being constantly strummed in the background makes one sway to the music . The pulse of the book is the vast amount of information being passed on which makes one think of the author not as a storehouse of knowledge but a power plant which keeps generating more n more . In fact due to this one can not help but compare Mr Sanghi with famed author Dan Brown , which in my eyes is very unfair , as one does not compare masterpieces. They are all unique and interesting in their own way .

Does inspector Radhika manage to arrest Saini , is Taarak vakil the actual avatar prophesied to be born in kaliyug , Is the ancient Krishna secret exposed to man kind , who is the notorious mataji the actual mastermind behind the murder conspiracy   – well, do pick up a copy today and find out . And once you are through with it I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that-  The Krishna Key is a book which stands out in a crowd , when there is a crowd to stand out from .

Written by Shubhli Bhalla