Aerobic activity is defined as any physical activity that raises the heartbeat. It can vary in it’s intensity from low to high. Cardio or aerobic activity strengthens lungs, heart and overall improves the body’s functions to utilize oxygen.


When does yoga become an aerobic activity?


Yoga is a way of life- as the yogis would have wanted us to believe. Yoga comes from the word “yuj” which means to unite. It means yoga aims at uniting the body, mind and soul.


Yoga can become an aerobic activity when practiced in that form. It was not designed to be an aerobic activity, but yoga can be modified to the purpose at hand. If you do not hold onto poses and keep repeating one pose after the other, it will count as an aerobic activity. Try doing surya namashkars or sun salutation without taking breaks. It will raise your heartbeat and resemble a cardio workout.


To know for sure wear a heart rate monitor. The intensity of the workout depends on the person’s fitness level. For some walking is a leisurely activity, but for many others it can count as exercise. Same goes for yoga. If all you are doing is breathing( which is a great option to release stress) it is not going to count as exercise. Try a power yoga or a vynyasa class near you and you may be pleasantly surprised.