A wickedly far-ranging view of marketing success, consumer behavior and star power in India: that sums up Koral Dasgupta’s “Power of a Common Man: Connecting with Customers the SRK Way,” whose title evokes the tag-line of Shah Rukh Khan’s last production “Chennai Express” (2013).

Dasgupta expounds on something Khan denies — that he is an astute businessman — while seeming to prove Khan’s recent quote to India-West that it is the Indian star-system that has saved the Indian film industry from being conquered by Hollywood.

To call this work “quirky” would be giving in to clichés. In fact, it is an extremely riveting look at a star’s success through his films, his business strategies and non-film achievements (in ads, in his cricket team and so on) and seeking to join this phenomenon (Dasgupta even analyzes each of his films with that perspective) with the larger issue of the common man’s power in the marketing and consumer areas.

Dasgupta is a writer, academic, management consultant and content editor. She is also a freelance painter and the wife of bestselling author Tuhin A. Sinha. Published by Westland, this is a must-read.

Original Story @ India West