In the past year, Gallup , did a research on the role of mentor in the lives of students from grade 5 to college. The study’s result was a revelation.

While we all know that teacher play an important role in kids’ education, this study revealed that an involved teacher also prepares the student for the job world. The focus of the study was to find the link between education and long-term success in workplace. It went to explore the things that happen in the schools/colleges, which make an “engaged employee” later on in life.

According to Brandon Busteed, the executive director of Gallup’s education division, two things stand out. Successful students had one or more teachers who were mentors and took a real interest in their aspirations, and they had an internship related to what they were learning in school.

At the rudimentary level, mentoring helps because it shows the student someone cares, someone is listening –schools tend to become more personal and enriching when a student has a mentor.

The study revealed that it was not which college the students went, but the presence of a mentor that was a predictor of success in work-life.

Mentor can do many things for the students –they can help students work towards a goal; improve their self-confidence thereby increasing the happiness quotient in the lives of the students.

Gallup ‘s study brought out the fact that those graduates who had a professor or professors who cared about them as a person, recognized theirs goals and ambitions – were twice as likely to be engaged with their work and thriving in their overall well-being,” Busteed said.

But the sad fact is that only 22 % of college graduates ever have a mentor, making school and college an impersonal place.

It’s all about involvement with the students, showing them that their goals and ambitions do matter, constantly encouraging them , caring for their well being-yes , it takes a village to raise a child.