are-you-listeningSOMPRIYA FINE SPIRITS, LLC Announces the Launch of SOMRUS, The Original Indian Cream Liqueur

A first of its kind product to roll out in Illinois, New Jersey & New York


CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 2014 – Chicago-based SomPriya Fine Spirits, LLC will launch the brand’s first product this fall as they introduce SomruS, The Original Indian Cream Liqueur (, a category-creating cordial bringing the flavors, history and culture of the Indian sub-continent to the U.S. on September 21, with initial distribution in Illinois, New Jersey, New York and online nationwide. Literally translated as “Nectar of The Gods” from ancient India, SomruS is an intricate blend of eastern spices, nuts and cream, combined with premium Caribbean rum resulting in an all-natural, gluten-free and Kosher liqueur never before seen or tasted. An initial run of 15,000 bottles will hit stores, just in time for Diwali, the Indian “Festival of Lights,” as well as the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


As is the case with most great inventions, SomruS was created as the result of an ‘ah-ha’ moment – one at 33,000 feet to satisfy a craving! Aboard a flight returning to the U.S. from India, founder Pankaj Garg yearned for a libation that would complement the flavors of his Indian-inspired dinner.  Alas, Bailey’s was the only liqueur available, which led to that life altering moment when Pankaj wondered why there was not a liqueur that emanated from the delectable flavors and tastes of the Indian subcontinent, some one-fifth of the world’s population.  Turning his back on years of management consulting, Pankaj, along with his wife Swati, set out to fill the void with a product that conjures up the flavors and culture of their native land; one that can be savored on its own, can lend its intriguing taste and texture to a cocktail or even be incorporated into a dessert.


“We’re eager to introduce a new liqueur to the market that is the first of its kind, all the while creating a family business,” said Pankaj Garg. “The Indian flavors are so unique and rich and it is our belief that, up until now, they have been ignored in relation to spirits and liqueurs.  We are thrilled to introduce India’s vast culinary heritage in a liquid form to the world.”


SomruS reinvents the taste, tranquility and excitement of drinking the mythical potion of the Gods, once thought to be a cure for aging and degeneration. Although this new incarnation may not guarantee immortality, the fragrant, smooth concoction artfully blends pure dairy cream and hand-crafted Caribbean rum with the distinctive flavors of cardamom, saffron, almonds, pistachios and rose.  All indelibly etched on the palates of those who enjoy Indian cuisine or the exotic culture of the Eastern Hemisphere.


The industry is already abuzz about the new liqueur as Wine Enthusiast – the preeminent authority on the subject – awarded SomruS a prestigious score of 94, pronouncing it “creamy but light and…a palate-cleansing way to end a richly spiced meal.”  They continued by saying, “The ornate gold and red bottle is an eye-catcher, too.” This rating puts the product in the ‘Top Shelf or Outstanding’ category of spirits, meaning it has superior character and style, and will be included in the magazine’s October buying guide.


The exotic gold-coated 750ml bottle matches the magic of what it contains. The UV protected, custom-made glass bottle draws inspiration from an ancient Indian decanter, instantly setting it apart from anything else on the shelf. The suggested retail price range is $24.99 to $29.99 depending on the state and local taxes.


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