It’s not fair that foods that we love are dense in calories and devoid of nutrients .Our list of five foods that we wished were calorie free

 Pizza:  Every family’s quick dinner, kids’ favorite  -a slice of pizza packs close to 250 calories. Pizza is of no help in weight-management. Most times it is made with white flour, which has absolutely no place in a healthy eating lifestyle.


Ice Cream: Who doesn’t like the creamy, sweet decadent goodness? Healthy ice cream is just a myth- the numerous spoonful of sugars which it packs makes it an unhealthy option. The sugar-free ones may have half the calories, but in order to make it tasty, so much of processing and chemicals would have gone in –making it totally unhealthy.


Pakoras : While not totally bad, its full of calories. The trouble with Pakoras is not that it’s not the healthiest food on planet, but that it’s difficult to stop at few. A serving (4-5 pieces) packs 200 calories and it’s very easy to eat 2-3 servings at one go.


Doughnuts : When you are getting late for work or school, it is easy to eat a doughnut on the go. Sugar in it gives an immediate high, and the taste of it gives you palate-satisfaction. But, it’s the worst kind of food to put in your body. It’s just sugar and white flour-and we all know that processed sugar is the enemy of health.  


White Rice : Most Indians would identify with rice addiction. We are addicted to eating rice with vegetarian and meat gravies. Lentils and rice goes hand in hand. White rice is completely devoid of any nutritional benefits , besides being a high glycemic index(90) food making it a no-go food. 


 Written by Suchitra Sharma