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The Preferred Destination for Assisted Suicide

Whoever thought, the place which Bollywood movies serenaded romance, could ever be the suicide destination.

Turns out, it is legal to do or get assisted suicide in Switzerland so people from every where, especially UK and Germany have been flocking to Switzerland.


From CNN


In Switzerland, the study authors write, there are no rules to regulate under which conditions someone can receive assisted suicide, though medical professional codes allow it in certain circumstances.


Suicide tourism or Euthanasia Tourism is a neo-world term, which means traveling to countries or places in order to get free of terminal illness forever by getting assisted in the suicide. In most countries, mercy killing is illegal which forces people to travel to other destinations.


Euthanasia has been legal in Switzerland since the 1940s but the last four years has seen a rise in the numbers of people traveling to Switzerland for assisted suicide. Most suicidal tourists to Switzerland are from either Germany or UK, where mercy killing is illegal.