More schools dropping Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program

Michelle Obama And Mexican First Lady Visit Elementary School In Maryland

Another state to join the group that is ditching Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program is New York. Its not that schools don’t want kids to eat healthy and low carb meals, but because the meals under the National Lunch Program saw dustbin more than the children’s hunger.


Too much food is thrown in the trash even though the portion sizes are much smaller. Kids are opting out of the school lunch program and choosing to get food from home. Sales are hurting and wastage is high-the two prime reasons why school districts are opting out of the National Lunch Program.


The School Nutrition Association conducted a survey at the group’s annual conference recently that showed roughly 25 percent of school lunch programs have lost money for more than six months because of the federally inspired bland school food options, the Detroit News reports.


“The association says that according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, student lunch participation is down in 49 states under the new standards, with more than 1 million fewer students choosing school lunch each day,” according to the News.

A recent Government Accountability Institute report estimates the total amount of wasted school lunches has also reached about $1 billion per year, according to Fox.