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Is Japan’s Plus Size Girl Band Actually Chubby ?


The all girl band from Japan is a little different from other bands Japan produces. It’s called “Chubbiness” because all the ten girls are supposed to be chubby. Unlike other bands/idols from Japan these girls are supposed to maintain their round bodies. Look at the girls-does anyone look chubby to you?

All of them list their favorite chubby part of their body here.

They look perfectly normal, with normal bodies –but are being labeled as chubby –cute group of girls. Japanese women are known to be petite, and thin –but does these women look even slightly plump?

Chubbiness band is supposed to be promoting the movement “acceptance of your body image” – but alas none of them appear chubby. The band is yet to release their music; its first album will be out in March of this year.

Fat acceptance or body image movement teaches/preaches/guides women to love their bodies. They ask women to choose health instead of size 0. No photo shopping the pictures, and above all teaching women that their bodies are not ornaments or pieces of art but a vehicle to happiness and living life.


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