beerAlcohol abuse is one of the major reasons why people land into emergency rooms. A recent survey by Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore stated that almost third of all ER visits are alcohol related. However, some drinks are more prone to hospital visits than others.  Beer, especially malt based dark beer seems to be the culprit.


The study carried by Johns Hopkins University pointed to five brands of beer which often led to visits to the ER. Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and King Cobra were the top ones. All of these are malt-based liquor. However it’s not the malt that is the reason –because malt base simply means it is a grain (barley) that is the main ingredient of the beverage. These beers are responsible for hospital visits because the alcohol content is very high, usually 8-9 % which is not typical of beer. Most beers have alcohol content of 4-5 % .


Unlike usual beers, these beers have higher alcohol content . Steel Reserve beer is a 24 oz. can to start with , and alcohol content at almost 9%. People often wrongly assume that since it’s beer they could drink more cans of it. It can be a fatal mistake incase of Steel Reserve. Colt 45 and Bud Ice have almost 6% alcohol content-but remember it is easy to guzzle down large quantities of beer-so next time you have the urge to go for the next can of beer –refrain –you might be in the ER.



Apart from these beers another drink that are infamous for hospital visits are energy drinks like 5-hour energy.  One 8-0z energy drink is equal to 20 cups of coffee and people often abuse these drinks too. Energy drinks are often called energy fiend. They are associated with ER visits, cardiac arrests, insomnia, and addiction among several other things.


Next time you say cheers- be cognizant of the drink in hand.