Desperate times calls for desperate measures. People waited for Christmas and Thanksgiving to buy the things they wanted at a bargain – well ,now there is no need to wait .


Kelli B. Grant reported on CNBC  “Even before the school bells are ringing for many families, retailers are sounding sleigh bells. Yes, that’s right. With 120-plus shopping days left, stores are already talking up their holiday offers.”

Walmart was the first retailer to lead the way towards very early holiday shopping.

In front of 6,000 Walmart associates at Walmart’s annual holiday meeting Wednesday, chief merchandising and marketing officer Duncan Mac Naughton introduced free layaway with no opening fee. Beginning Sept. 13 through Dec. 13, layaway will kick off the retailer’s official start to the holiday season.


“Times are tough and it’s not easy for many Americans – they are watching every penny,” said Mac Naughton. “All year long, but especially during the holidays, our customers need a low price leader. This year, we are committed to doing everything we did last year to help Americans save money – plus more. More savings, more layaway items and our commitment that they can give their families a great Christmas on a budget.”

Customers however should wait for their holiday shopping and let the retailers become more creative and innovative in their sales strategies. Online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. While the online retailer Amazon grew by 30% last year-most of the brick and mortars were fighting for survival. The retailing industry is truly becoming the consumer’s market. One thing good about a recession is that retailers have to become super efficient and creative to even get a dollar from the consumer.

Here’s hoping instead of just cyber Mondays or Black Fridays some retailer will come up with something absolutely innovative to get your money!