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What you say on Facebook can either build or mar your chances of getting that dream job

social-media-jobOur lives are becoming more public than we realize. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, have all made us more connected to people that we know and sometimes more than we want or need. We are sharing everything on Facebook –birthdays, graduation, marriages, vacations and what we hate about our jobs. Beware of what you put on Facebook or twitter or for that matter any social networking website because employers are progressively using these websites to know their candidates better.


There’s even been a court ruling that what you post on Facebook can be used as evidence in a courtroom. So be chary of what you are posting-no longer what you are saying is private. Plus if you are posting something that is being read by hundreds of people –by definition it is not private anymore right? states that its just not a few employers but more than 90% employers snoop on your Facebook profiles before hiring. They are studying meticulously on what you say before deciding on hiring you. Social networking websites can be used vey well to build your brand – every individual who needs a job needs to build his brand. What you post on the networking websites can either build or mar your personal brand.



Few things that will not land you a job:


  1. Bad mouthing your previous employer or boss- It’s a fact only few are lucky to like their bosses but if you criticize your boss or employer publicly you may not be hirable at all.
  2. Posting updates or pictures about drug abuse: complete no. Proof of any kind of illegal activities can make you jobless forever
  3. Inappropriate photos- this can come as a surprise but resumes get rejected when employers find out weird, inappropriate photos of the candidate-shows them as irresponsible and we all know that while recruiting companies are trying to find the ideal candidate.


Not everything you do needs to be shared with the  public –its advisable to use the privacy settings on Facebook. While the undesirable things can ruin your chances of getting a job –there are a few things that can positively affect your brand


  1. Showing a fit you will unquestionably increase the chances of getting a job
  2. Being a socially conscious person will earn you the thumbs up
  3. Showing off sometimes work-post the awards you have received –it will surely benefit you.



Today, employers are not just seeing the resume you submitted –they are visiting your social profiles and gauging you. Your Internet presence is like an extended resume-it’s in your hands –build it or destroy it.

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