When we hear the term sex-offender- most likely only a male sex offender comes to mind. Male sex-offenders outnumber the female sex-offenders by large numbers-but they do exist …


In a recent incident in Australia-a 36-year-old woman had sex with an 11-year-old boy repeatedly. She also gave him beer to drink. Finally, she is pregnant with this young boy’s baby. The authorities have stepped in and the woman may face a serious sentence. Soon, the definition of “rape “ may be in for a change too.


Not much research or attention is given to female sex offenders because they are not as common as the males. Unlike male offenders females are not serial offenders. They would rarely offend a stranger. They usually offend people they know. Also recidivism rates of female sexual offenders are very low. Females repeat violent offences but once caught for sexual offence they don’t repeat the act.


So while, female sex offenders are low in number the reality is that they do exist. Not all women love children and some are capable of harming them. More research is needed on the subject. Laws need to change too-because all children need protection.


A website femalesexoffender.com is dedicated to the female sex offenders in US. Most offenders on this website are teachers by profession. A big surprise .It sends a chill down one’s spine. Female teachers would be the last person a parent/student would think of, as a sexual criminal. Three out of five are teachers though. So, parents should hear their children.


Females’ sex offenders do not even get a harsher sentence as men. Their acts are not called “rape” – as by definition it describes only a man’s act. Boys or girls-children need to be protected.