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Exploitation of girls in the film industry

Indian Bollywood actress Jiah Khan addreYoung girls entering the film industry are often exploited .

Debutant director Rikshhit Matta is making a movie inspired by Jiah Khan’s death. This film will tell the story of three young girls who come to Bollywood to make a career.

Shabana Hashmi – who will be producing ‘Bold Bollywood’ – said “We want to bring forth the dark side of the glamour world.


The dark side of glamour world has been often exposed in movies like – Priyanka Chopra’s “Fashion” and Kareena Kapoor’s “Heroine”.  Then too it does not dither millions of girls from entering the industry. This article lists the steps to be successful in Bollywood – many would have followed the steps but only 1 in 10,000 achieve any success. Bollywood or for that matter any industry which focuses on looks expects girls to be ready for anything and everything to achieve anything.


While fields like medicine, legal sports etc. have seen women grow –Hollywood and Bollywood still majorly objectifies women. A recent study revealed that Hollywood movies “marginalize and sexualize” women as much as ever.   Item numbers are a norm now-without it the movie is incomplete. There are very few movies that have a strong woman role –and rarely do they top the charts (kahani was an exception)


An article in Pinkvilla explores why Bollywood men never want their daughters to enter the industry – they must know how young girls get exploited and only a few can stand such exploitation.


TOI had an excellent article on the route to success in Bollywood. The struggler’s script is only made of three words –sleaze, sex and compromise!


Seeing Jiah Khan’s debacle and many before her – would you want to send your daughter to Bollywood or for that matter Hollywood? Sometimes it’s not for us to decide which career our children would choose. How can we ensure that exploitation does not occur?

Written by Suchitra Sharma



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