regina-duggan-680x400Regina Dugan, SVP at Motorola is developing a password pill. It ‘s a wonder pill that will hold all personal information. It does not boost energy or improve memory-it’s a pill that has a chip that stores all personal details.


This swallowable capsule has a chip installed in it.  It helps electronic devices to read personal information like identity, driver’s license, passport and various passwords. US Food and Drug Administration have already approved the password pill.


The pill has a battery that is powered by the stomach acids. These pills can be taken every day like a normal vitamin.


Ms. Dugan, once known as the smartest engineer of America said “People have to authenticate themselves (to machines) on average 39 times a day, or log into their phone 100 times a day, and coming up with hacker-proof passwords has become more insane,” Answer to this is this password pill.


The pill will move through the body normally without any complications. Along with the pill Motorola is also trying to make electronic tattoos and glasses that will also store passwords and personal information.


Proteus-pillThis password pill makes the whole body has an authentication tool. Proteus Digital Health the California based company is the pioneer in making digital solutions powered by humans. The password pill, developed by the phone company Motorola is using technology developed by Proteus Digital Health.


Instead of having social security number, soon a day will come when kids at birth will be inserted with a chip giving them unique electronic ID – no need to then put passwords anywhere! Technology and humans are merging totally.