I believe in you:


Trust is fundamental for any relationship. Telling your child right from beginning that you trust him/her- sends a positive signal to their brain. Chances are they will not be lying to you even in a tricky situation.



You can do it


Without comparing your child to others if you can show your faith in your children, you will be making them confident and self-assured.



You are beautiful/handsome


Yes, the child knows that in the eyes of the parents they will be beautiful and reiterating helps. We should all be teaching our children beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and our children will always be beautiful to us.



What do you think?


Asking your children for their opinion makes them feel important. You don’t have to ask their opinion on every single thing, but if you can please do. When time comes, they will also let you in their lives.



You work hard.


Most parents feel their kids don’t put enough hard work. Most kids want to do well in their activities and school. Just by telling your kids that you think they work hard, you will be sending positive signals to their brain.



Last but not the least, tell them you love them every single day, give them a hug, smile at the jokes that don’t make sense.