dr-carey-andrew-jajaDr. Carey Andrew-Jaja is a gynecologist at Magee-Women’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. All the babies that he delivers see the world in a special way. He sings to the babies, the moment the babies are out.

He told ABC News, “I’ve delivered about 8,000 babies and I must have sung at least to six or 7,000 of them.” Dr. Andrew-Jaja began the practice of singing to the brand-new babies he just delivered while he was a young resident and learning from a physician who did the same. “He was about to retire. He asked me to continue the tradition,” he said. “And I’ve done it ever since.” The good doctor’s repertoire of songs includes everything from the expected “Happy Birthday” to the lovely “What a Wonderful World.”

“Sometimes the pregnancy has been difficult, the delivery has been complex and yet most of the time out comes this beautiful baby, and it’s a moment when you forget that fear,”