fb1There are so many reasons to love Naperville and among them one that stands out is budding women entrepreneurs. So much talent in this small town!


Today we write about  Niketa Jhaveri, a Naperville Momtrepreneur who developed a non-fiction, educational board game inspired by her five year old called Brave Champs.

Brave Champs is a mom-invented, non-fiction, educational board game. A fun learning technique, Brave Champs is visually appealing and helps kids recognize community champions including Firemen, Police officers, mailman, and many more.

Why Brave Champs:

  • Introduces kids to the world of non-fiction
  • Lays a strong foundation for future learning
  • Develop social and emotional skills such as teamwork and communication
  • Nurtures creativity, curiosity, and builds awareness of the world around them
  • Enhances Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening skills

They have successfully placed the game with Public & Private schools as well as caregivers of kids with special needs. The game incorporates elements such as role-play, storytelling, hand to eye coordination, and cooperative play.

Niketa Jhaveri answers our questions:

What prompted you to make this board game?  


My 5 year old inspired me to create this game. He would keep asking me about the people he met in everyday life such as – Who is the gentleman who drives around in the cool car with the flashing lights? Who is the person cuts my hair?  The who- they are and what do they do questions were never ending. I realized there was a lack of fun learning techniques that teaches kids about these different professions and present them with strong / positive role models. What started out as a game of questions played with my kids evolved into a full-fledged board game.


How did you go about from idea to fruition?

A trained user experience designer with over a decade of experience working with fortune 500 companies in IT industry, the concept and design of the game came naturally to me, manufacturing it, was a whole new ball game. Dedicated market research, a failed prototype, and a few sleepless nights, later, Brave Champs was born. When I held the first manufactured product in my hands the feeling of satisfaction was invigorating.

How has the sales been? 


Really good considering we just started and only word of mouth advertising.

Any testimonials?  

Yes, read it here



Buy the game @ Amazon.

For more information: www.bravechamps.com