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How did succesful people spend their time when they were young?

quote-Steve-Jobs-older-people-sit-down-and-ask-what-101143_2One of the popular questions on Quora is – What did Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and other famous people do between the ages of 10-22. Answers are interesting.


When most children and teens are busy watching TV shows and movies- they are reading, and reading extensively not just limited to authors suggested by the school.



When most 10-22 year-olds are playing games on their smart devices, these kids are trying to create their own game.


While most kids would be doing homework, these kids would have already self-read, understood the entire syllabus and perhaps more.


While most kids in school are trying to form their own cliques and be popular, these kids are nowhere near hip groups of the school, they are alone learning something.


While most children want to hang out with their friends, these kids like to spend time alone.


Oliver Emberton, founder of writes on the post:

I’ll give you the unpopular answer:

“All those people were accomplishing improbable things long before the world had given them permission. So you want to know what to do between age 10 and 22? Accomplish things. Don’t wait for the world. You want it to be the one doing the catching up.




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