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Antibiotics causing allergic reaction in children to fruits and vegetables

As more and more people are getting allergic to fruits and vegetables, we are left wondering if it is safe to consume them.

Many times it’s not the fruit/vegetable that causes the allergic reaction but the antibiotic used to on the produce to keep them from rotting easily.


A ten-year-old girl suffered life-threatening allergies after she ate a slice of blueberry pie. She was allergic to milk and penicillin and had a history of asthma and seasonal allergies, but there was nothing in the pie which should have put her life into a risk. The culprit was antibiotic streptomycin, which was used to treat the blueberries to keep them fresh fungi, bacteria and algae free.


In many countries in Europe producers are banned from using antibiotics on produce, but not in Canada and US. Allergies are on rise and a primary reason could be the usage of liberal antibiotics.

While going the organic way could be a little helpful, consumers should be aware that even organic fruits and vegetables are treated with antibiotics for the very same reasons.


Take action sign the petition, stop the use of antibiotics.

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