I had a friend from school that died of a freak accident some four years ago. I was shocked and saddened. But every year even after she is dead I have wished her happy birthday on her Facebook page and sometimes, just gone there to express some feelings for her.

And in all those moments, when I go to her page to remember her, I marvel at Facebook. Facebook, without even realizing has immortalized the person forever. Her photos, life, laughter, trips, oddities and past updates are there, immortalized for years perhaps for eternity. I can even send private message to her and believe she would have read it because maybe as Hinduism believes “soul lives forever”


Where in anywhere on Earth do we see this immortality? We continually experience the phenomenon “life goes on” even after someone is gone from our lives. It’s only on Facebook, where that person lives forever.


Sometimes, yes Facebook feels like it shows just the rosy picture of our lives while the truth could be far from it, but I see a silver lining in this. This is a place, where you want to appear happy, beautiful, happening, full of life –what’s wrong in this? Sometimes “faking it till you make it” may be the only way.


Who does not want to live forever in the lives of their loved ones? The virtual life of a person continues to go on, on Facebook forever.

Facebook even has a set of rules and regulations in place for memorization of an account – read on here.

Written by Suchitra Sharma