Belly fat, potbelly, abdominal fat, or medically called as central obesity is a cause for many illnesses. From cardiovascular diseases to Alzheimer’s, belly fat –whether visceral or subcutaneous easily is the number one cause.


While spot reduction (focused reduction in fat from a particular area) is a myth, there are some foods that can help in not gaining fat in the tummy area. There is one and only way towards weigh loss- reduced calorie intake coupled with exercise – no short cuts on this path is the sure way to losing weight.


  1. Eggs – Eggs contain a nutrient called choline, which is one of the newest vitamins to be added to the vitamin family. Human body does not have the capacity to build this vitamin on it’s own. Eggs are rich in choline. It is very similar to B vitamin and also helps in delaying fatigue. Choline also makes phosphatidylcholine, which helps in breaking body fat, thus reducing fat accumulation. Remember to have eggs for breakfast, for a flatter belly and fitter you.



  1. Oatmeal: This fiber rich super food keeps you satiated for hours, keeping hunger away for hours, thus reducing the calorie consumption. Instead of having oatmeal for breakfast, try having it for dinner. Oatmeal cooked with lots of vegetables, tempered with some spices and extra virgin olive oil makes for great dinner alternative. Be creative, in your food choices, substituting breakfast foods for dinner – for a flat ab.


  1. Beans and Lentils: Turns out the humble Indian dals should be one of the foods you consume daily. Beans and other legumes are protein and fiber rich keeping you full for hours. Add some vegetables to the dals and lentils and you have a complete food.


  1. Nuts, Olive Oil: Both nuts and oils have fat which gives brain the signal of being “full” which fools the body to be in satiated mode for a long time. Be mindful of amount of nuts you could eat, because nuts are very calorie dense foods and if you are not watching, you could easily consume a lot. A serving of nuts is usually 10-12 nuts, which is approximately 100 calories.


  1. All Green Leafy Vegetables : Make it a habit to have a serving of green leafy vegetable at least once a day. The fiber, vitamins in these vegetables again make them a super food which helps in weight loss and cutting the belly fat.


Fiber rich foods with essential fats are a key to losing weight and cutting the belly fat .


Written by Suchitra Sharma