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“Wi-Fi Refugees” running to Green Bank, Virginia to Escape Tech Allergies

article-2576848-1C25805400000578-988_634x938Electromagnet Hypersensitivity or EHS is a term used for a disorder caused by exposure to wifi.4 % of the people in US and UK gets affected by it. While some may suffer mild health problems, like headache, there are others who get severely affected by it and are forced to change their lifestyle. Its only Sweden as of now that recognizes this as a condition.

Green Bank, a small town has become a safe haven for people suffering from this condition. This is the only town where Wi-Fi is completely banned. Green Bank is in the middle of National Radio Quiet Zone and seems to have banned all electromagnetic signals, ranging from cell phones to Wi-Fi.

Almost 30 people have moved there. These people have complained of health conditions and have pinpointed their growing condition to constant exposure to Wi-Fi.

Medical community is yet to recognize EHS as a condition and treatment is still unknown. The people who have moved to Green Bank have seen their condition improving. These so-called “Wi-Fi refugees” complained of burning skin, heart palpitations, and severe headaches –which made their daily lives stressful. They say they have found “the place” on Earth where they can live peacefully.

Until the medical community can term EHS as a disease, it will be treated just as a product of person’s imagination.




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