vinitaAccording to Freud, every single dream represents a want, a wish fulfillment. Dreams are demonstrative of our unfulfilled wishes and a medium to visually experience them while sleeping. Most of the times we don’t remember any of our dreams but some leave us puzzled for hours afterwards.

Falling Teeth

Dreams about falling /losing teeth depicts change or end of a relationship. Dreams about teeth are just nightmares – usually when a person is in a tumultuous relationship such a dream occurs. It is not limited to relationships though. It could be losing an important thing.

Being Chased

A study proved that it is the men who have dreams of being chased and women generally have dreams about relationship.

The dream interpretation of being chased in a dream is that the person is trying not to confront with the issue in hand –he is trying to run away from a situation.

Your Partner is Cheating On You

This is the #1 dream of most people and many of you can remember the morning fight that was result of a dream. Our partners are the #1 person /the most important person in our lives. When you have a dream like this it means your significant other may not be available to you all the time because of work, other friends or TV.

Dreams of Death

This too is a very common dream. Usually when we see ourselves or loved ones dying in a dream it leaves us disturbed in the morning. But contrary to what you feel, the dream analysts interpret it very differently. Death means new beginnings. If you see a loved person dying in the dream –it does not mean that he /she will die, it means that your relationship with the person will evolve and take a new turn. If you see yourself dying in a dream-it again means that you are able to conquer your fears and insecurities and you will be dealing with your current issues with new insight.

Falling Dreams

This is also a very common dream.You get this feeling that you are falling from somewhere. Sometimes, falling dreams are so powerful that you actually wake up in the mid of the dream. Falling dreams are interpreted as having loss of control, unable to take charge in a situation. When you have a dream like this –its time to look at your life under the lens and examine where you feel helpless.

Image Source : Vinita Unny