Sunanda Pushkar death has been confirmed due to drug overuse. The autopsy report has concluded that the untimely death was due to drug overuse.

A sad end to a sad life of Sunanda Pushkar. This was her third marriage and marrying to Tharoor was the best thing that happened to her, well not how it turned out in the end. Tharoor has been known to be a charmer –his previous two marriages ended because he got involved with other women.

He was still married to Christa Giles when he had started a relationship with Sunanda Pushkar. Once a philanderer, always a philanderer –perhaps Sunanda didn’t know of this fact. She was stressed about a probable relationship of Tharoor with the Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Sunanda was also diagnosed with having an autoimmune disorder called Lupus.  People suffering from Lupus are often clinically depressed. Perhaps, the stress of her husband wandering away to some other woman heightened Sunanda’s stress and the disease just increased her will to end her life. It will be hard to know.

Murder –or suicide – it will be very difficult to know the truth, considering Shasi Tharoor’s eminent position in India. Lesson to women –“stay away from philanderers and Casanovas”. They tend to get bored soon and move onto some other attractive woman. It is in the nature of a woman to blame herself when she is married to a chronic philanderer, judge her looks and her habits –but the problem is not her but the man she is with. Sooner, the woman in such a relationship realizes this, better it is for her.

It will be interesting if Shasi Tharoor decided to Mehr Tarar in few years. Sunanda’s suicide has definitely cast a shadow on his political career so maybe he will find another woman to prey, charm considering his ambitious nature.


 Written by Suchitra Sharma