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Tongue Patch-new way to lose weight

tongue-patch-logoTongue Stapling, another way to lose weight as shown in this article from Daily Mail

This method, called “tongue patch”, made by Dr. Chugay in Venezuela, makes it almost impossible to eat solid foods. Your tongue suffers greatly by having this patch in. You lose weight since the only choices for food are liquids, making you only consume 800 calories a day.


How does Dr. Chugay insert the patch into people’s tongues then? He inserts this “tongue patch” by almost stapling it into your tongue, where the surgeons have to put six stitches into your tongue for the patch.


As said before, since you only consume 800 calories a day, some people say you can lose up to 30 pounds in one month. The whole operation costs $ 2000, but if you get the operation done in Venezuela, around three thousand miles away, it will only cost $ 150. That’s quite a price difference, which makes people wonder, if it is a legitimate operation. Well the answer is questionable, but more importantly, it’s not FDA approved. It’s said to be soon, but honestly, judging by the actual operation it might not be.


In addition, it’s very painful to people, as many say because sometimes people can’t even move their tongue at night. There have been only 60 people who have had the operation since the doctor started out in 2009.


Why suffer all this pain just to lose weight? Well to Venezuelans this seems all right. There was a study that said that one-fifth of a Venezuelan woman’s income is spent on beauty and cosmetics. The doctor stated that if it actually works, then women should be taking the operation.


It seems people have been too lazy to go on diets so they just suffer this instead. Many patients say that, as if to promote the product, while downplaying themselves. A good response for losing weight would instead be to go on a diet and set good examples for others, not suffer some unapproved surgery operation so they can lose weight.



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