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Bolly Volley


Arup specializes in any job that requires stretching out his legs – whether it is on a reclining chair at the beach, or in the Economy Plus seat of United Airlines, or on the shoulder of the person sitting in front of him in the theatre. And when dreaming, travelling for work and watching movies is not keeping him busy, he tries to write. He lives in Naperville with his wife and son, who are cinema freaks as well


A monthly shower of Bollywood previews, reviews and my unsolicited views

by Arup Raha


Olympics 2012 is over. Except those who get opportunities to appear on TV commercials, Indian medal-winners and other athletes who competed in the event will soon be forgotten. Come Rio 2016, Indians around the world will once again discover the nationalist or the activist hidden within them and get busy deliberating upon how the


  1. Piyush August 24, 2012

    This episode was long due:) Sirhin-Farhan and Barfi are sure winners for me..Cant tell much about the rest though..

    IM24 could be a surprise winner – it has a good cast to support it..

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