The party was in full swing , everybody seemed to be enjoying the music , some swayed with their cocktails and others enjoyed delicious looking appetizers . Amidst all this I was busy , as usual , doing what I do best – TALKING . I was busy having idle chit chat with a friend when I just remembered and complemented her on her pictures that I had seen a few days back on face book . As I generously poured compliments about her and her holiday destination she smiled and said  ‘’ but I was looking so fat in them ‘’. That just stopped me short and believe it or not , honest to goodness , might be difficult for a few to comprehend also , that I –  shubhli bhalla  – was at loss of words . Am grateful to god that the catastrophic moment lasted only a min or so [ seemed like eternity to me though ] . But then I gatherd my composure and looked straight in her eyes and said ‘’ when I see people , I SEE SOULS  and I know that you are an amazingly beautiful person ‘’ . She blushed and thanked me . But as I sat back and reflected on the situation I realized that she is not the only one. I have personally come across so many friends who judge their worth according to their physical appearance or bank balance . But why – may I please ask .  Being a good human being or a good soul is worth thousands of Gucci dresses , Jimmy Choo shoes , Cartier watches , Fendi shades [am more partial to channel though ] or Tiffany jewellery . It is plain as the nose on your face that A GOOD SOUL IS PRICELESS . TO QUOTE KAHLIL GIBRAN ” BEAUTY IS NOT IN THE FACE , BEAUTY IS A LIGHT IN THE HEART ” .


                                                                Trust me guys , this is a fact and it is not a rule made by me but God Almighty . If anyone has read the book ‘’ LAWS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD  by Khorshed Bhavnagri ‘’ they would know what I am taking about . On earth physical beauty may be a top priority but it is not so in the various Realms of the Spirit World . On those Realms a soul would be glowing and sparkling with a perfect spirit body , where as when judged by the earthly standards that soul may be stamped ordinary or even unattractive on account of her physical appearance . On the other hand a body as beautiful as lets say Aishwarya Rai’s  may be ugly and disfigured in the realms of the spirit world .  Why so – one may ask ….. because a soul is our reality , a soul is our true existance , not the physical body which we just don for a specific period .  But sadly many of us forget this truth and start judging people on their outward appearance . Forget others we ourselves mostly judge ourselves by the dress size we fit in…….small is fantastic and extra large gets a thumb down . Loosing a few pound makes us feel good about ourselves and gaining depresses us . we simply eye a slim person and immediately categorize her to the beautiful zone . BUT THEN ” THAT WHICH IS STRIKING AND BEAUTIFUL IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD , BUT THAT WHICH IS GOOD IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL ” .


                                                             As a wise man said  ‘’ a books cover may be very attractive , but what hold the attention is the matter inside ‘’ . Similarly a person may look gorgeous on the outside but it’s their purity , their depth , their insight that will make you want to spend more time with them . So guys collect beautiful souls as friends . Dresses , jwellery , styles and trends come and go , but a beautiful , sympathetic , loving nature stays for ever . 


                                                            And as for those who feel superior to others on account of their blessings of physical and material wealth , I actually , really and truly feel sorry for them . Can’t help but put a little distance between me and them . For they negatively affect your spiritual progress and on the contrary  I would love to place pious and loving souls in my bouquet of friends . Beautiful souls who would help to awaken and strengthen the subconscious mind . I would also like to add that here i am not asking you to not make any more efforts to make your self pretty on the outside also . when i see the picture of yogeshwar krishna i see him decked up from head to toe in finest of silk and jwellery , its very pleasing to the eye but what is elevating is that he is deep in meditation , making his aura , his presence absolutely supreme , absolutely perfect .


                                                          In the end I would like to say that when I ask you all to be ‘’ GORGEOUS HAMESHA  ‘’ remember that  I am wishing for your soul to be ‘’ ETERNALLY BEAUTIFUL ‘’. God bless.