Written By : Ruhaan Jain, Student @ The Study Huddle

The thought of COVID-19 is a very scary thought for some people. It has infected a lot of people, and it is very easy to catch. The symptoms of this virus are similar to the symptoms of the flu, so some people may shrug it off. There have been warnings everywhere for the virus, and it is basically the main topic for the news. It is also something that people talk about a lot in normal, regular conversations. I have three ways to cope with the virus.

My first way is just to ignore certain information about the virus. I don’t try to see which people have the virus, and how many of them have the virus. I take note about how to protect myself. After that, I don’t really try to find out more. I make it a habit to distance myself away from people, and to wash my hands after I touch something. I have also made it a habit to try out a simple test where I hold my breath for ten seconds each morning to see if I feel ok. I obviously don’t go outside for long periods of time like I used to, but otherwise everything else is normal. 

My second way is to get exposed to positive information or particulars that doesn’t relate to COVID-19 or health. Watching something positive or funny helps me forget about the virus.. After doing that for at least ten minutes, I can immediately forget about the world-wide pandemic. Sometimes, I  get weird questions in my head, (I am a middle-schooler after all ) and then I start searching up random things, and forget about everything going on around, including COVID-19. Something else I do that helps: I read books for hours 

My third and final way is to tell myself that I am healthy and eat a lot of healthy foods. Many people tell me that I will be fine even if I get the virus, because I have a healthy immune system. After people tell me this, I start to relax. On any rare occasions where I decide to watch the news, I hear people saying that the virus will only seriously affect people with health problems or weak immune systems. I am also sure that some of my older family members will not be seriously affected by it, since they rarely go out. I also tell myself that I will brag to future generations : I survived a global pandemic.

These are the  three ways that I keep calm in the midst of this global pandemic. I use these methods almost every single day, and it helps a lot. I would suggest using these methods in order to cope with the COVID-19 global pandemic.