sureshThe Story of Sureshbhai Patel



Sureshbhai is a 57-year-old man from Gujarat. He came to Alabama, US to help out his son’s family. His son had a premature baby and his only intentions were to help out the family.


One day he goes for a walk in the neighborhood. A neighbor spots him and calls 911. The reason for the call is shocking. The neighbor described to the police that he found a “skinny black guy” wandering in the neighborhood. And also stated that he was afraid to leave his wife alone because this skinny black man looked dangerous.


The police came in and assaulted Sureshbhai, who was not able to follow instructions of the police, as he did not understand English language. The assault has left the grandfather paralyzed. The police argued that Suresh bhai understood the meaning of “STOP.”


Now as a desi you will understand, that even a rickshawallah in India understands words like STOP and Go. As a desi you will also understand that for a first time visitor especially from the interiors of India it is hard to understand American accent.


The case against the police officer Eric Parker was declared a mistrial because the twelve-person jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision.


Prosecutor Robert Posey said the U.S. government will try the case against Parker again.

“We plan to re-try the case and so another jury will get a chance to see this evidence and hear the testimony,” Posey said. “We will let them decide.”

Watch the whole video of the police assault.