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Chicago Police warn of robbers posing as Uber drivers.

Chicago people beware, robbers are posing as Uber drivers.
According to an alert from the Chicago Police Department, twice in the past month, people waiting on Uber rides have been robbed.

The incidents were reported earlier this month in River North and Old Town. In both of those incidents, police say two men in a black car pull up and invite the person waiting for a lift into their car. Then, the suspects rob them of their debit cards and pin number information.

Passengers check a few things before entering into your Uber drive

  1. Match the driver’s face on your App with the driver that has come to pick you up.
  2. Call the phone number of the driver on your app.
  3. Ask the name of the driver and match it on your app.
  4. If you smell something wrong, get out of the car.

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