Roti Ghar in Kanchgar Galli Hubballi serves North Karnataka style thali for one rupee. The joint is only open between 12 noon and 3P.M. The customers come from all walks of life ranging from street peddlers to retail storeowners.


One rupee does not get even one candy but roti ghar is able to provide a full thali replete with rice, dal , vegetables and a sweet. They have maintained the quality and taste of the food because they don’t have profit as the motive.


Mahaveer Youth Federation’s aim is to eradicate hunger and this is a step in the right direction. There is no cashier at this canteen. The customers are expected to donate one rupee after enjoying a hearty meal.


Tejraj Jain, president of Roti Ghar, says their canteen serves the lowest-priced meals made in north Karnataka style. “We don’t take the money by hand. We have put a box where customers put in Re 1. The ghar functions from noon to 3pm. We have three people, Basavaraj Menasinakai, Gauramma Totageri and Savitramma, who serve customers,” he added.
Roti Ghar, was  set up by Mahaveer Youth Federation five years ago.