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Wi-Fi is making people sick


Wi fi is making some people sick. Yes, it’s true. It could be a psychological phenomenon but sure has the potential to create havoc in 5% of the people.

Suzanne Hoyt installed Wi-Fi in her apartment and all of a sudden she developed brain fog. She started having headaches, perspiration, pain in her heart and jaws. She is of the firm belief that all this started only after she got Wi-Fi in her apartment.


Diane Schou suffered from similar symptoms and blamed Wi-Fi for her health issues. She even moved to Green Bank, West Virginia that is an electronically quiet zone. Many people move to Green Bank because of sensitivity to Wi Fi. Here wireless technology is outlawed because of the Green Bay Telescope. There are no cell phone towers, no microwaves, and no conveniences of modern technology that we have gotten used to.



Some doctors believe all this is a hogwash, but then there are other medical professionals who believe it’s a real problem. Effects of radiation from the electromagnetic fields are not tested at this point, so we have no way of knowing if this is a problem or just a figment of our imagination. Electromagnetic-hypersensitivity could be another illness on the rise. Illness or no illness Wi-Fi is here to stay. There was enough debate about cellphones and cancers but that didn’t deter its growth and that might be the case for Wi-Fi too.

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