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Abusing in-laws a ground for divorce, says Supreme Court of India

Another reason to be kind to your in-laws- if the reason that they are your spouse’s family isn’t enough!

The NRI in this case had filed for a divorce on the grounds that his wife was ill-treating his family. In one incident she did not allow his parents to stay in their house in US when they were visiting. He reported mental abuse.


From Times of India

Referring to an incident, the husband told the court that his wife had once locked him and his sister out of the house and abused them saying they belonged to a ‘prostitute family’. She refused to allow her sister-in-law to enter the house and even lodged a police complaint against her husband.

Taking into accounts all the evidence produced by the husband including abusive voicemails and emails he received from wife, while she was in India, the bench said it was a clear case of mental cruelty and husband was entitled for divorce.

“If a spouse abuses the other as being born from a prostitute, this cannot be termed as ‘wear and tear’ of family life. Summoning police on false or flimsy grounds cannot also be similarly viewed. Making it impossible for any close relatives to visit or reside in the matrimonial home would also indubitably result in cruelty to the spouse,” the bench said.







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