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Dumb men and clever women drink more .

A Swedish Study claims that the men who are heavy drinkers are also the ones with low IQs. Study surmises that men with high IQ choose healthier lifestyles.


The study conducted by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden researched the patterns of 49,321 Swedish men born in the years 1949-1951.It studied their tobacco use, health conditions and alcohol use. Results concluded that lower IQ men were heavy drinkers.


From Telegraph

Sara Sjölund a student at the Institutet and corresponding author for the study, said that this was the first study to find “consistent” links between “cognitive ability and alcohol-related probems”.

The team noted, however, that factors including economic background and social status could also play a part in how much people drank.


It was noted that for women it could be entirely different. Women with high IQs could be drinking more and daily . A study done by London School of Economics had concluded that “The more educated women are, the more likely they are to drink alcohol on most days and to report having problems due to their drinking patterns.


So men if you want to appear learned and sophisticated think before you grab the third glass of drink and women yes that second glass of wine points out the erudite in you .

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