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Woman gives birth on Southwest Flight

It should have been a quick two-hour flight from San Francisco to Phoenix, but the crew of a Southwest Airlines flight had to make a detour to Los Angeles.

111 passengers on the flight have quite a story.

The flight diverted to LAX because one of the passengers went into labor in the middle of the flight.

“Everything was going great. About 50 minutes prior to touchdown, we got a call from the flight attendants in the back,” said Capt. John Gordy.

A spokesperson for the airline said the mother gave birth with the help of a doctor and a nurse on the flight.

“It was amazing. All the passengers were awesome, everybody was clapping,” said flight attendant Danielle Fite.

“First thought was, oh, they were pulling my leg. No, we just had a baby born. Can’t think of anything else that’s gonna top that, at least not for a while,” said Gordy.

LAFD Paramedics met the airplane on the ground, and mom and baby were taken to a Los Angeles hospital. They are doing just fine.

“The lady next to me said, ‘Let’s get even with the Kardashians and call her Southwest,” said flight attendant Danielle Fite.

The flight made it to Phoenix about 2 1/2 hours after the stop in Los Angeles.

Source @ Fox News

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