Kickstarter Still1A young woman on a mission, making Earth cleaner, environment green.  Lauren Singer, has not made any trash in the last two years, yes you heard it –no trash whatsoever. Her blog Trash is for Tossers chronicles her journey that leads to a trash free life.  She does not buy new clothes, packaged goods and even makes her own cleaning supplies. The journey wasn’t an easy one, albeit a fulfilling one nevertheless.


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From her blog  

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect Trash is for Tossers to turn into a career, but in a strange way it has. The recipes for my cleaning products, the ones that I have been writing about over the past two years, have been in high demand. The problem is, many of my readers have been asking me where they can buy the products that are as pure as the ones that I post about for Trash is for Tossers since they don’t have the time to make them themselves. As a result of this demand, today I am launching the Kickstarter campaign for my new company, The Simply Co.  This is not just any company. It will be Zero Waste, plastic free, and will incorporate- from day one- all of the standards and values that I hold myself to living a sustainable and trash free life.  She was only asking for $10,000 for her project, as of date its funded 255% – currently the funds are at $25,475 and she still has three more days to go.