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Brahmins conducting homa for the Sultan of Oman

IndiaTv99765d_leA delegation of 22 Brahmins has been flown from India to Muscat for the well being of the current Sultan Of Oman. He is suffering from colon cancer and has been receiving medical care for a while.


72-year-old Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said has faith in the homa to be done by these Brahmins. The 22-member team of Vedic Brahmins is led by astrologer Chandrashekar Swami. The Sultan believes he will find relief from the disease if the Hindu rituals are followed and performed by this group.


“We are in Muscat and a special camp site has been created at Barkha town, 41 kilometers from Muscat airport, to perform the five-day homa. A large number of people, especially Indians settled here, are coming to take part in the homa being conducted by 22 Vedic Brahmins. The ailing Sultan believes that the homa will do him good. Some of the royal family members are also taking part in the ritual,” the Swami added.


Prayers and medical treatment should always be separate. Colon Cancer is a medical disease, a miracle; a prayer by Hindus, Christians or Muslims cannot cure it. We can only hope that Sultan will continue to treat the 22 Brahmins well after the rituals are done and he discovers that there has been no improvement is in ailment.


From TOI

“We are performing the Maha Dhanvanthari Yaaga, Poorna Navagraha Shanthi homa, Maha Mruthyunjaya Yaaga and Maha Vishnu Yaaga for the well-being of the ailing sultan.We prayed for his recovery from all ailments,” he said. The Swami first shot to fame when superstar Amitabh Bachhan’s brother Ajitabh Bachchan walked into his Bengaluru house a couple of years ago to get the horoscopes of Aishwaraya Rai and Abhishek Bachhan matched before their wedding. Similarly, his services were sought to make the new World Trade Center building in New York Vastu compliant.

The vedic brahmins in the group hail from Poorna Pragna Vidya Peetha in Mangaluru and neighbouring Kerala.


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