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Demand for an open relationship by the guy completely backfires.

5242697322_open_relationship_125512889544_xlarge_xlargeThis post originally appeared on but now is deleted but it can still be found on the archives.

Turns out, the guy in the relationship wanted to date and have relationship with other women because his girlfriend was “big” and he did not find her physically attractive. The girl was reluctant and cried because she did not want to be in an open relationship. She didn’t want to risk breaking up with her boyfriend so she agreed. Fast forward, two months later, the girl is going out on dates regularly and having plenty of intimate relationships, while the stud that asked for the open relationship hasn’t found a single woman.


The guy put a post on ranting about his sad, sorry state about how his girlfriend is getting all the action that he hoped for. He is sad because so many other hot men seem to want his girlfriend while no woman seems to want him. He seems like a no-good selfish guy –because if the situation had been reverse –he would have happily carried on dates with other women and finally would have said good-bye to his girl friend- which he has wanted to do for a long time, because he found her to be “big”


Open relationships always have an expiry date, because most often one partner gets more attention and action which leads to multitude of problems. In our view relationships are sacred, either you have to be in it totally or off it completely –but hey nobody’s preaching –go learn your own lessons.

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