In Bangalore a woman was attacked in an ATM when she was trying to make a withdrawal. This happened at 7: 30 AM not in the wee hours of night. The CCTV camera of the ATM has full footage of the man attacking the woman after she refused to make a withdrawal for him.

It is unclear whether it was an attempt to rob or a personal vendetta-only because the man did not take any jewelry that she was wearing. It was few hours after the incident, when few school kids noticed blood flowing out of the ATM. They informed a nearby traffic policeman and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. She has suffered multiple injuries in her head and is in a critical condition.

ATMs in India are unsafe, so are the streets, so are the buses and trains, so are many (all?) neighborhoods especially in the non-peak hours. The clip captured on the camera has a full footage of the man committing the crime, but will he be caught? Not one Indian can be sure of this –total travesty of justice.

Most ATMs have security guards manning the kiosk –but that does not make them secure because these guards are old, unfit and without arms to fight any crime.

Watch the video [youtube][/youtube]