French government moved to ban child beauty pageants.


What an incredible step! This French revolution of banning pageants started when a magazine in Vogue put the picture of a 10-year –old girl in high heels , sexy outfit and make-up. Many people were disgusted and this got the French government to debate on banning these pageants.



Kelly Wallace, writes on CNN.com that child beauty pageants are a lot like crime coverage on local news…. this is because the local news which gets popular are those that involve murders, thefts and so on. The other news that also has high ratings is children beauty contests. Her article drew many comments most of them leaning towards children beauty pageants being creepy. Some even pointed out the sad truth that you never know which pedophile is watching the apple of your eye!


Why on earth should little girls be sexualized? There is absolutely no need for putting makeup on young girls.  It is such a fine line when it comes to dressing up the girls. Girls should be just growing up as little children –dreaming to reach the sky. There should be no emphasis on them to look pretty. Mothers tend to see daughters as their extension and the sad part of this feeling is that they put hours and dollars on making them look pretty .Do you remember the story of this mom from San Francisco who was putting Botox injections on her 8-year –old? Of course this is completely crossing the line. The problem lies in the fact that mothers don’t even realize the impact of their actions. If the focus of the mother/family is in dolling up the daughters-then that’s the message the little kid is absorbing subconsciously.


Ms. Chantal Jouanno, former Sports Minister of France said, “Let us not make our girls believe from an early age that their only value is their appearance.” “Let us not allow commercial interests to outweigh social interests. Lawmakers are not moralisers, but we have a duty to defend the superior interest of the child.”


Jo Swinson, politician in UK said in an interview with Telegraph that parents who praise their children for looks and outfits that the kids are wearing are telling the children maybe subconsciously that looks are most important to succeed in life. She goes to further add that parents should praise the kids’ ability to solve jigsaw puzzles or applaud the kid’s imagination and curiosity rather than praising the beauty.


Hopefully, other nations will follow suit to ban beauty pageants.images