salman-khan-great-khali-eating-picTOI writes that Salman’s favorite breakfast is baasi roti and chai


While ifood TV writes his favorite breakfast is protein shake, oats and eggs


Healthy celeb also says Salman eats a breakfast of egg whites and protein shakes …


Hard to know what Salman is eating for breakfast –unless he says something!

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What we do know is –


  1. Never skip breakfast –it’s the wake-up meal your body needs to start the day. Research reveals that people who miss breakfast hog later in the day.
  2. Breakfast should definitely comprise of whole grains and complex carbohydrates-carbohydrates give the energy the body needs to start the day with. Skipping the simple/white carbohydrates is a must.
  3. Make breakfast the largest meal of your day- the phrase “breakfast like a king” was coined for a reason
  4. An ideal breakfast should include oatmeal, eggs, nuts and veggies. Make a veggie omelet, or an oats upma and go nuts about nuts especially walnuts in the morning.
  5. Have breakfast within one hour of waking up –otherwise your body gets the signal of starvation (don’t know if this is true- does the body store fat –if you don’t eat anything?)
  6. Water – Don’t forget water-drink up 3-4 glasses of water within three hours of waking up – good skin, good gut and fit you will be the obvious outcomes.